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Attorneys For Contract Review And Contractual Disputes In Illinois

When you own and operate a business, you will build relationships with a variety of people and organizations, including customers, vendors, landlords, employees, and business partners. When you make agreements with these people or companies, you will often create formal contracts that protect the rights of all parties and ensure that everyone carries out their agreed requirements. Before signing a contract, you should have an experienced business law attorney review it to ensure that you understand your rights and identify any concerns that would affect your business.

The Illinois business lawyers of SBK Law Group provide business owners with skilled and dedicated legal help regarding contracts and other concerns. We have more than 25 combined years of legal experience, and we understand the legal issues that can arise when making contractual agreements. We will ensure that your rights are protected, and if necessary, we can help you determine how to proceed in legal disputes over business contracts.

Review Of Different Types Of Contracts

When making a contractual agreement, it is important to ensure that the contract fully explains the rights and obligations of all parties. It should also specify the dates when the contract will be in effect and outline how matters will be handled if a party does not meet their contractual obligations. Our attorneys can provide legal help with a wide variety of business contracts, including:

  • Partnership agreements – During the business formation process, a written agreement between the partners or shareholders can ensure that all parties understand their rights and responsibilities when operating the business. These contracts can also address how to handle disputes between partners or the procedures that will be followed if a partner leaves the business or wishes to sell their share of the company.
  • Vendor contracts – When a business purchases or sells products or services, this type of contract will fully outline the details of the relationship with the other person or organization. In addition to specifying the scope of services and amount and methods of payment, these contracts may also address any matters related to the relationship between the parties, such as confidentiality, use of intellectual property, and/or liability.
  • Employment contracts – When hiring employees or working with independent contractors, a business will want to create contracts that outline the terms of employment and the wages and benefits provided. These contracts may also include terms such as non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements, and/or confidentiality agreements.
  • Commercial leases – When leasing space from a landlord, business owners should be sure they fully understand the terms of the lease. Some issues that may need to be addressed include whether improvements can be made to the property; responsibility for paying expenses such as utilities, property taxes, and insurance; and/or exclusivity clauses that prevent competitors from operating nearby.

Resolving Contract Disputes

When one of the parties to a contract does not fully uphold its contractual obligations, there are a variety of ways to resolve these issues. In some cases, one party may be able to inform the other party of the breach of contract and negotiate a resolution. Mediation or arbitration may be used to resolve these disputes in a way that is mutually acceptable. However, if the parties are unable to reach an agreement on how to address these disputes, litigation may be necessary. If one party can demonstrate that the other party breached the terms of the contract, they may be awarded compensation for the losses resulting from the breach, or the court may order the other party to carry out some or all of their contractual obligations.

Contact Our Illinois Contract Attorneys

At SBK Law Group, we can provide the legal help you need when addressing issues related to business contracts. We will go over the terms of a proposed contract, ensure that you understand your rights, and help you negotiate any necessary changes. We can also help you determine the best way to proceed if you are involved in a contract dispute, including negotiating a resolution or representing you in court. For legal help with contracts and other business law matters, contact our Illinois contract attorneys today at 630-427-4407. We represent business owners in DuPage CountyKane CountyKendall CountyWill County, and Cook County.

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